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Throwing time: 2014-07-15 01:41:51 Xueyao threw a mine. Throwing time: 2014-07-15 00:10:52 Chunyu threw a mine. Throwing time: 2014-07-15 00:08:46 Chapter 148 the childe of the fate of reincarnation asks to marry seven.

Throwing time: 2014-07-15 01:41:51 Xueyao threw a mine. Throwing time: 2014-07-15 00:10:52 Chunyu threw a mine. Throwing time: 2014-07-15 00:08:46 Chapter 148 the childe of the fate of reincarnation asks to marry seven. Su Shangshu is very angry. It's not because when they went to court today, they were attacked by innuendo by their political opponents. The Su family snubbed the five empresses because they didn't give the empress face. It's not because the rumors spread more and more, saying that the five empresses had the intention to take over the cripple of the Su family. The Su family also picked up Joe shamelessly! But the culprit of all this is now with a large group of people, also do not enter the door, standing at the gate of Su Fu, claiming to have made an appointment with her light dust, go out to swim in the lake together! "Bully people too much!"! What a bully! Su Shangshu was so angry that she trembled and lost her old face. "Don't go out. Don't let any of them go out!" The sun was scorching outside the door. Wei Qinglin stood nervously beside Wen Rushi and whispered, "Five Empresses, we've been waiting for an hour, but we haven't seen Mr. Su come out yet. Su Shangshu, that old woman, isn't she mad?" "How dare you say that?!" Wen Rushi glared at her angrily, "If you hadn't exposed what happened yesterday,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, I would be drinking with Su Qingchen on the boat of Hanxiao Lake now!"! Knowing that your brain is not good, you should ask my opinion before you act. You dare to mess up if you don't know anything, fool! Wei Qinglin's face was burning, and she hung her head and muttered angrily, "I just want to help you put some pressure on that old woman.." The more she thought about it,Self-closing Faucet, the more angry she became. She gritted her teeth and said, "If I find out who is playing tricks in the dark, I will not forgive that guy!" Seeing that Wen was looking at the closed door of Su Fu Li and didn't want to talk to her, Wei Qinglin was discouraged again and couldn't help asking, "What should we do now?" Wen Rushi did not answer with a black face. What to do? What else could she do?! You can't drag Su Qingchen's mother out and beat her up! Can't fight, can't touch, Wen Rushi is now riding a tiger. All the people in the capital knew that she had been turned away when she went to the Su Mansion to pick up people. If she returned without success today, the prestige of her five empresses would become a laughing stock for all the people in the capital! She was now being pushed to the opposite side of the Su family, but the old stubborn Su family did not know that there was fraud, and insisted on fighting with her to the end! Wen Rushi took a deep breath and lowered his face. "Somebody, stainless steel squatting pan ,Flushometer valve, knock on the door for me until someone comes out!" There was a dull knocking sound. On the second floor of the teahouse near the street, a woman in brocade quietly watched the crowd in front of the Su Mansion through the window. Miss, all the people sent to the teahouse and wine shop have been withdrawn. The servant girl behind her whispered. Uh She nodded slightly and her eyes were gloomy. "Too much is as bad as too little. Let them stand by in the villa for the time being. They are not allowed to leave the villa without my orders." "Yes." The servant girl bowed down respectfully. The first dandy in the imperial court? "She looked at the confrontation across the street with satisfaction and chuckled." Wen Rushi, how can you get away? " After about a cup of tea, the door of the Su Mansion opened a crack. The doorman's face turned a little pale when he saw the brilliant sergeant dressed in fresh clothes and riding an angry horse outside the door. He came out and forced himself to calm down. "My son is not feeling well today," he said. "I don't want to see you. Please come back." Wen Rushi stepped forward slowly with a cold face and said, "Since Mr. Su is not feeling well, this emperor is not reluctant.". Please inform Su Shangshu that the emperor is waiting for her in the flower hall. Then he stepped inside the door. The doorman tried to stop her in a panic, but he was pushed aside by Ming-feng, who was guarding the five empresses. A group of bodyguards surrounded Wen Rushi and drove straight in. The doorman rushed several times, but failed to stop the footsteps of the barbarians, and hurriedly ran to the backyard in a panic. Shangshu adult is still waiting for her reply, look at this battle, if adults and childe do not come forward, really can not hold the field! The woman in the teahouse frowned slightly. Damn! Her people have not had time to arrange into the Su House, Wen is this into, what will happen inside, she can not control. As soon as Wen Rushi entered the mansion for more than an hour, she drank two pots of tea before she saw the people of the Imperial Palace filing out. She suddenly got up and walked quickly to the window, just in time to see the boy jump into the car and drive up the curtain cloth, Su Qingchen stepped on the stool and walked slowly inside. When he sat firmly in the car, Wen Rushi turned over and rode on a big purplish red horse. As soon as he gave the order, the wheels rolled and swaggered through the city, followed by two rows of private troops in red and gold behind him. At the end of the procession was the chariot of the second daughter of Mighty Marquis. Although Wei Qinglin did not have many bodyguards, there were more than ten people. The front of the golden armor guard suddenly had a ride away from the team, galloping to the end of the team. Not knowing what to say to her across the carriage, Wei Qinglin's train turned around and headed for the inner city. Send someone to keep up with Wei Qinglin's motorcade. She furrowed her brows thoughtfully, her knuckles tapping unconsciously on the window lattice. "Yes," the servant girl paused and said, "do you need to send more people to the five emperors?" "Don't act rashly. It's not time to be exposed." She spoke slowly and sullenly. Acting impulsively will only frighten the snake. This is only the first round. There will be more battles with Wen Rushi in the future. "Go and find out how the five empresses let Su Shangshu release people." "Yes." The servant girl was ordered to leave. No one knows what Wen Rushi said to Su Shangshu. At that time, all the guards were outside the door and surrounded the whole flower hall. There were only two of them inside,Flush Retrofit Kit, not to mention the servants in the house, not even a mosquito could fly in. The spy sent out by the servant girl also returned without success. While she was still thinking hard about whether the five empresses and Su Shangshu had reached some kind of consensus, Wen Rushi was preparing to carry a group of people slowly off the shore of the boat on the bank of Hanxiao Lake.

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