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"The world is not equal and should be re-divided!" Xiong Qing's only remaining eye looked at Chen Ge: "All I want is fairness!"

"The world is not equal and should be re-divided!" Xiong Qing's only remaining eye looked at Chen Ge: "All I want is fairness!" Xiong Qing became a patient from a doctor and suffered from hemispheric syndrome. Everyone knew that he was ill, but few people knew how he got sick. The real cause of the disease was estimated to be only known by Dr. Gao. Chen Ge found that he still underestimated the toughness of the red coat, and Xiong Qing can be selected by the strange talk association, made into a red coat, he himself must be different from ordinary people. This special case is not necessarily manifested in the body, but more likely to be a psychological disease. Blood spread, Xiong Qing's other half of the body is also constantly turned into blood, a little bit away. His body has always been asymmetrical, looking more like a half-man and half-ghost, but at this moment, his body is completely changing in the direction of a fierce ghost. Stop him! Chen Ge once again used Yan Danian's ability to create opportunities for Xu Yin and Men Nan. At the height of their battle, a loud noise came from the sea of black hair in the distance! The long hair spread around and the bodies fell out one by one. The rain of blood poured down, and in the middle of the whole area, there was only a blood-red figure. No one stood but her. The flesh-and-blood ceiling above the head is full of cracks and will collapse at any time. Chen Ge here is still seizing the time to solve Xiong Qing, did not expect Zhang Ya there seems to have solved the battle. Won? Looking in the direction of the blood pool,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, dressed in red and standing in the rain of blood, Zhang Ya turned her back to Chen Ge, and he could only see the blood-red figure. Zhang Ya's red dress seemed to be brighter, and her hands were oozing blood! Chen Ge has a Yin pupil and can see very clearly. He asked Men Nan and Xu Yin to continue to attack Xiong Qing, and he slowly approached Zhang Ya with a skull hammer. He had to go and take a look in person. Because the red dress, which was as dazzling as the blood sun,Stainless Steel Toilet China, seemed to be injured. Black hair surged on the ground, and Chen Ge came to see Dr. Gao, who was covered with injuries, sitting on the edge of the blood pool with his wife in his arms. His wife's body had been severely damaged, and it seemed that he was worried about his wife's safety before he took the initiative to explode the monster and escape from Zhang Ya's black hair. Zhang Ya, is your hand all right? Chen Ge stood beside Zhang Ya, but Zhang Ya's reaction was a little strange. She turned her head to one side as if she had not heard Chen Ge's words, but the blood on her palm disappeared by itself. Looking away, Chen Ge looked at Dr. Gao again: "Come with me to the police station. No matter right or wrong, these hundreds of lives need an explanation." "Confess?" Dr. Gao raised his head. He held his wife in one hand and supported his body with the other hand. He stood up slowly: "Chen Ge, you may not believe it. I have thought about this situation. I have thought about everything that happened as early as a week ago." Chapter 455 I won't lose unless I don't want to win (second watch). Holding his seriously injured wife in his arms, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Manual Flush Valve, Dr. Gao leaned against the pool of blood and put one hand into his white coat. He barely stood, looking discomfited, and no one could see that he had no power to fight back, but even in this case, Dr. Gao still had a smile on his face. His smile made Chen Ge very uncomfortable. The bloody world began to collapse, the walls and floors of flesh and blood lost their color, and the rain of blood seemed to have dried up. I know every ghost in your body, including Mennan in the third sick building. I guessed everything. This scene has appeared in my mind countless times. Dr. Gao took out a sticky note book from his pocket, which was wet with blood, and threw it at Chen Ge. To be on the safe side, Chen Ge did not reach out to pick it up and let the notepad fall to the ground. The book is open, the wind is blowing, and it records all the possible situations. Look at the date, these things were written a few days ago. Why do you want me to see these? Did you prove that you didn't lose in IQ? Chen Ge also has the habit of recording important things. From this point of view, he is really like Dr. Gao. "I just want to tell you that I designed all this. I want to force myself to make a decision, a decision that I will only make when I have no way out and no hope of turning the tables." Dr. Gao put his hand into his white coat again and took out a sharp scalpel from his pocket. For five years, I did countless experiments, but I couldn't wake up my wife. She lost all her memories, and I couldn't find her soul, so I had to deceive myself by ordering her to do something. I knew that from the moment she was wheeled into the emergency room, she had been lost. Dr. Gao looked at the figure reflected on the scalpel and held his wife in his arms. Without Dr. Gao's order, his wife's expression was a little dull: "All I did was to find her, a very simple wish." Standing up straight, as Dr. Gao spoke, black silk threads kept crawling out of the countless corpses around him and into his body. Those black lines are full of malice and are made up of despair and all kinds of negative emotions. The day finally came, much faster than I expected, and I was going to wait until Xiaoxue got married before making this decision. "What exactly are you trying to say?" "Dr. Gao's mood is not quite right, and Chen Ge is calling Zhang Ya in the dark." In fact, there is a fierce ghost hidden in this bloody world. Dr. Gao's eyes were calm and frightening. And a fierce ghost? The black line kept drilling into Dr. Gao's body, and the hundreds of corpses killed by the Weird Talk Association, full of despair and pain, began to melt, and finally all turned into black lines and drilled into Dr. Gao's body. He bore all the negative emotions of the world behind the door. Chen Ge, you have been to the Living Coffin Village, and you should know that Tuimen will become the most horrible ghost after his death. Dr. Gao raised his scalpel, and the black silk thread danced wildly in his eyes. The whites of his eyes disappeared,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and his eyes turned completely black: "Actually, I'm also curious about what is above the red coat!" The sharp scalpel fell on his body, and Dr. Gao knew very well where to stab and kill him with one blow!. cnkexin.com

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