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Xu Ying has come to the manor many times; for the manor of each catty, the corner is basically already familiar with, there is no strangeness.

Xu Ying has come to the manor many times; for the manor of each catty, the corner is basically already familiar with, there is no strangeness. In her opinion. Basically, all the things that can be played have been played, and the scenery that can be seen has been painted in their own paintings. If you want to see something interesting, you probably have to go deep into the mountains to see it. But Xu Ying just feels a little lazy. If you don't want to go too far, things will be difficult. Although and Feng Jiahua can always feel happy together, but if two people are always stuffy in the willow forest here looking at the water below in a daze, it is also a little depressed. After slowly picking up the teacup and taking a sip of tea, Ben Jiahua said with a smile, "Don't worry. I'll take you there after the dew is over. I'm sure you'll think it's funny." These chrysanthemum teas were picked and made by Shan Jiahua himself last winter, and most of them were snakeskin bags. Through the use of Shen Ling array. After storage, these humble chrysanthemum teas have a unique fragrance and are very popular with everyone. For this reason, most of the chrysanthemum tea produced by Feng Jiahua was scraped away by his mother, leaving him only a little bit. What is it? Xu Ying looked at Ben Jiahua with her head tilted and said curiously,plastic pallet containers, "Can you reveal a little in advance?" "No!" Ju Jiahua shook his head and said with a smile, "Unless you do this?" Ju Jiahua compared his eyes and then turned his face to Xu Ying's position, looking like a thief. Dead! Xu Ying's face suddenly turned red to the root of her ears, and she reached out and twisted Feng Jiahua's loin. "I won't be fooled by you," said Jiao angrily. Feeling the strength of Xu Ying's hand, Ju Jiahua couldn't help laughing. Even though Xu Ying has basically established a relationship with herself. But still a little shy in front of people,ibc spill containment pallet, holding hands is no problem, but to let her take the initiative to kiss Ben Jiahua, it really takes a little time. Hearing the unbridled laughter of Shou Jiahua, Xu Ying was even more anxious and angry, and made trouble with Ben Jiahua, and the laughter of the two spread throughout the willow forest. By eight o'clock, the sun was already climbing up in the air, and the temperature was hotter than ever, shooting straight down from the big fireball. Many beautiful flowers because of the sun are not decadent because of the fierce sun, but with a fuller spirit to meet the baptism of the sun. With a basket on his back and several daggers of different kinds, Ju Jiahua pulled Xu Ying into the jungle. Xu Ying has been in the manor many times, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, and Jia Hua has also been in the mountains several times, so the clothes on her body are all dressed up according to the needs of entering the mountains. Doudou was also very excited to run back and forth between the two people, and soon the long hair was wet by the dew left behind. The white hair was soon covered with some withered and yellow Xanthium sibiricum, which looked very ugly. Cha Jiahua originally didn't want Doudou to look at it. But this guy still sneaks up on me. I have to give it a good wash when I get back. Last year's mature cocklebur fruit is even easier to record in the spring of the next year. As long as people and animals pass by, they will stick to the body like tarsal maggots, and then achieve the purpose of moving. These clever plants use this way to spread their own mark of life, and this unique instinct is amazing even for human beings, the soul of all things. After walking into the mountain forest, the two people could obviously feel that the temperature seemed to drop a lot at once, as if they had returned to the early spring season. Originally, the late spring sun shines on people's bodies, but after a long time, they can still feel slightly hot. But after entering the mountain forest, all these feelings disappeared. Aren't we going to pick mushrooms? Why are you carrying these daggers? Walking behind Ju Jiahua, Xu Ying looked at the dagger in the basket and felt a little confused. Just now, Ben Jiahua told her that he went into the mountain forest this morning to pick some mushrooms and came back. At noon, he got a mushroom firecracker dove. I think the taste should be good. There was a drizzling rain last night. It is estimated that there should be a lot of Mongolia in the jungle. Before the tourists can react, we should pick some first. Mushrooms that grow after spring rain grow with the spirit of heaven and earth, and the taste and nutrition they contain are not comparable to those mushrooms cultivated in greenhouses. This is mainly to see if there are spring bamboo shoots. If there are, we can pick more and bring them back to the city. Feng Jiahua cut off the weeds in front of him with his machete and said without looking back. After spring came, the vegetation in the jungle grew very fast, and some of the paths that were often taken were quickly covered by these plants. In order to make Xu Ying walk easily, Feng Jiahua had to cut down some weeds and shrubs. After several times of exercise, Xu Ying is also gradually adapted to the way of walking between the mountains and forests, in his body is basically can not see the original city lady's delicate. Following Ben Jiahua, she still had time to look at the scenery around her, and occasionally sighed when she saw one or two lovely squirrels jumping from the branches. Their voices also attracted the attention of the indigenous people in the jungle, and the squirrels rolled their black eyes and stared at the guests who came into their own world. These elves, who were basically not affected by human activities, were not afraid of people at all. Seeing that Xu Ying and Xu Ying did not feel dangerous, they got closer to Xu Ying and jumped back and forth on the tree trunk next to them. Xu Ying, who felt a little funny, could not help holding out her hand. Want to touch these lovely spirits. But this action gave them a big shock. Jumped away hurriedly, then stood in a higher position and looked at Xu Ying with curious eyes. While Xu Ying was busy playing with squirrels, Ju Jiahua, who was walking in front,collapsible bulk containers, had already found traces of mushrooms. About the number of mushrooms. The evergreen forest in the south is no better than the deciduous forest in the north, because there are more fallen leaves, which can provide more nutrition for mushrooms. binpallet.com

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