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Shangguan Ling originally wanted to underestimate the enemy, not to avoid! But Wu Mengdie's six "Poisonous Silver Pills" were put in the sun tube, and the sound of the broken reed shocked Shangguan Ling, because his "Purple Flying Flower", Chang Biyun's

Shangguan Ling originally wanted to underestimate the enemy, not to avoid! But Wu Mengdie's six "Poisonous Silver Pills" were put in the sun tube, and the sound of the broken reed shocked Shangguan Ling, because his "Purple Flying Flower", Chang Biyun's "Sun God Needle", and the "Five Clouds Holding the Sun Soul Nail" and "Seven-hole Wasp Needle", which were often said by Shifu to be the best in Jianghu, were all hidden weapons of this kind. If you know how powerful they are, how dare you try to be brave again? As soon as the True Qi was lifted, his whole body fell flat on the ground, and then he pushed the rocks on the ground with his left hand. The original style remained unchanged, and he heard an explosive sound in his ears. "Poison juice silver pills" and "snake flame shuttles" hit the craggy rocks and burst one after another. Blue flame stars flew, and poison splashed everywhere! In a rage, Shangguan Ling turned over and stood up. The Wenchang pen had already been withdrawn from his hands. His sword eyebrows were double picked, and his eyes were shining with divine light. He pounced on the "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara" witch dream butterfly! The "Venerable Lotus", the leader of the "Four Evil Men of Yuntai", appeared after Shangguan Lingshi, and then frowned and thought about things. Now he saw that the other side was attacking Wu Mengdie with a pen. He waved the iron lotus with a long handle in his hand and held Shangguan Lingwenchang's pen and said, "Wait a minute, my friend. You are so familiar with the posture after you just flashed out of the stone. What school are you from?" Shangguan Lingxuanmei laughed wildly and said, "When you plotted against me, you didn't ask about the school. Now you want to get some kind of friendship. My master is too famous. If you say it, you will be scared to death. If you want to talk about the body skills,custom cosmetic packing, I have got too much. 'Nanbi' Zhuge Yi's'Shenghua Qibi ',' Xidao 'Tianchi Taoist's'Xuantian 72 Fu', and'Qisha Hanling Yin Gong 'of the'Soul Capturing Flag Are omnipotent! If you don't believe me, just taste the same! After that, the "Venerable Lotus" shook his head and said, "Although the name of the'Five Wonders of Heaven and Earth 'is great, it doesn't frighten us. It's just because you just used the posture of the'Spirit Bird Spreading Its Wings and Skillfully Crossing the Milky Way' to hide from my fourth sister's hidden weapon. It seems that you have a gold medal on your waist. It looks familiar!"! If it is the thing I like, the great enmity will be written off. Yuntai brother and sister will retire immediately! Shangguan Ling remembered the "Yan Po Blood Order" given to him by Meng Sanniang, the "Smiling Yan Po". It was really hanging on his waist. Because he wanted to try the function of this thing,empty cosmetic tubes, he took it off from his waist. He asked the Venerable Lotus coldly, "Are you talking about the gold medal Meng Sanniang gave me?" Strange to say, the gold medal painted on the face of the female ghost with blood-red hair in the hands of Shangguan Ling appeared, and the face of "Yuntai Double Evil" was full of fear! The "Lotus Venerable" scolded Wu Mengdie, the "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara," in a deep voice, saying, "Fourth Sister, don't be so reckless in the future. Why don't you take the blame before Master Meng makes the gold medal in blood?" "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara" witch dream butterfly, eyes shot out a cruel ray of light, low head silent, "Lotus Venerable" pulled her forward two steps, both side by side, to Shangguan Linggong body salute said: "My brother and sister don't know that my friend has a good relationship with Master Meng. For the crime of blasphemy, I respectfully accept the punishment!" Shangguan Ling saw that Meng Sanniang, the "smiling Yan Po", empty lotion tubes ,polyfoil tube, had such a high reputation in the Green Forest Road! I didn't kiss him, but with a gold medal in my hand, I was able to make the rather ferocious "Yuntai Double Evil" so respectful. I couldn't help but be moved by my childlike innocence. I deliberately snapped: " 'Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara' Wu Mengdie, who did this, should have broken his arm!"! Gu Nian hurts a person unsuccessfully, deal with leniently, cut oneself to show respect! When Wu Mengdie heard this, she looked miserable again. The Venerable Lotus pulled out the sword on his shoulder. In the flash of the knife, he cut off a little finger on Wu Mengdie's left hand and said respectfully to Shangguan Ling, "Brother and sister Yuntai, thank you for your magnanimity. I'll leave you now." Shangguan Ling shook his head and said with a smile, "You can't go yet!" The "Lotus Venerable" and the "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara" were taken aback and stopped to turn around with a sad look on their faces! Shangguan Ling said to the "Lotus Venerable" with a smile, "Wu Mengdie, the'Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara ', has cut off a sign of respect because of her cruel heart and poisonous hands. You can't relax either. I'll punish you for doing one thing. ” "The Venerable Lotus" said with a slight prick on the tip of his eyebrow, "Yuntai brothers and sisters are never afraid of people, but since Master Meng's blood order gold medal is in your hand, a friend can give orders at will. Even if he wants my head on my neck, he will accept his fate as well!" Shangguan Ling burst out laughing and said, "Don't be unconvinced by your brother and sister. I have something else to do tonight. Even if I take advantage of Meng Sanniang's blood gold medal, I will never show it next time we meet.". You take me as a vendetta and wave as hard as you can! At this point, the "Venerable Lotus" said with a straight face, "It is not a problem for me to punish you for what you have done, because in the small pool where this mountain spring originates, there is a corpse of a rotten red snake, which has fallen into two hidden weapons of the witch dream butterfly, and the water is already highly poisonous!"! If someone passes by and drinks from thirst, will he die in vain? So I want you to take away the snake corpse and the hidden weapon to quench the poison, and put more antidote in the pool water! Ling Munong, the "Miraculous Doctor" and the "Herbal Old Man", could not help nodding to the words of Shangguan Ling, and the "Lotus Venerable" also answered in awe: "Obey orders", and Wu Mengdie, the "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara" who was applying medicine to the wound, went to the top of the cliff where the spring water originated. After seeing off the two of them, Shangguan Ling said to Ling Munong with a smile, "According to my temper, I would never let go of the'Yuntai Two Evils' and run away easily. It's all because the old man said that he would accompany me to take a strange risk tomorrow night. That's why he sent me away so cheaply. Now that I'm on the run, the moon is white and the wind is clear. How does the old man plan to take the risk of solving the problem that I was hurt by the'Soul Capturing Flag? Can you explain it to me first? Ling Munong nodded his head and said, "After the'Soul Capturing Flag 'has'separated the meridians' for you, there are only a few masters in the world who can first abolish all your martial arts with their supreme skills, and then restore the meridians and practice again from the beginning!"! But because the'Soul Capturing Flag 'is too scheming, it secretly adds a layer of invisible poisonous hands. Once rescued, it immediately dies tragically. Therefore, it is almost doomed that you must learn from him the kind of'Seven Evil Spirits'! When Shangguan Ling heard this, he frowned. Seeing this, Ling Munong said with a smile, "Don't worry, brother. As the saying goes, 'It's better for heaven to calculate.'" You just accidentally got a rare'three-leaf fairy orchid 'with the power of this orchid leaf. May make'capture the soul flag 'wish become empty, but cause your extraordinary adventure! When Shangguan Ling saw that Ling Mu-nong had not yet come to the point,eye cream packing tube, he was so anxious that he shouted, "Don't beat around the Bush, old man. Tell me how to relieve my suffering and do it quickly. I hate the'Soul Capturing Flag '.".

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