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"According to my personal valuation, this white suit is put up for auction. The starting price is at least 100,000 Chaotic Stones. 639 Taoist embryos form a suit.

"According to my personal valuation, this white suit is put up for auction. The starting price is at least 100,000 Chaotic Stones. 639 Taoist embryos form a suit. Such a suit is rare.". If there is a powerful person to cultivate such a suit, with enough time to build such a suit, then after its level up, it is absolutely crushing the same level of any Taoist soldier! A stone master said to Li Qiye's white suit. Then Li Qiye took a slow look at Prince Tianhuang and said, "Do you think my suit is valuable, or your congenital embryo is valuable?" At this time, Prince Tianhuang's face was hard to see, his mouth was wide open, and the whole person was frozen there. Your stone master's good fortune is no longer comparable to that of my generation, and you have won this game. At this time, Li Langxuan had to admit defeat. It is not easy to cut out a suit from a Taoist material. If you cut out all the Taoist materials in the stone workshop in front of you, you may not be able to cut out another suit. Now Li Qiye just chose a Taoist material and let him cut out a suit, which is absolutely not as simple as luck, which means that when Li Qiye picked out this Taoist material, he was already able to cut out a white suit! Such a vision, such strength, that is already the peak of the stone division, even if Li Langxuan such a genius stone division, is also self-pity. Today Li Xuan such a genius stone division lost to a mortal stone division,eye cream packaging tube, which for Li Xuan himself, he has nothing to complain about, he is convinced to lose. You lost. Li Qiye glanced lightly at Prince Tianhuang and took the chaotic stones and all kinds of treasures piled up in front of him as his own. There's too much scrap metal. You can pawn it and drink it. At this time, Li Qiye not only grabbed a lot of chaotic stones to reward Shen Xiaoshan and the three of them, but also rewarded Shen Xiaoshan and the three of them with the treasures mortgaged on the gambling table by Prince Tianhuang. Shen Xiaoshan and the three of them were all stunned for a while. When they came to their senses, they were all very surprised. At this moment, they felt that there was a rain of money in the sky,cosmetic tube packaging, and the money all over the sky fell into their pockets. To meet such a rich master, so that all the people present are envious, for many monks, they may not be able to earn so much money in their lifetime, but now Li Qiye threw it to his sidekick like scrap metal. Although the treasures of Prince Tianhuang are good, they are not in the eyes of Li Qiye at all. In his opinion, these treasures are not much different from scrap metal. Shen Xiaoshan and the three of them caught the reward thrown by Li Qiye at random. The shock in their hearts at this time was indescribable. No wonder Li Qiye was so arrogant before that. In fact, he didn't put them in the eyes of Tieshumen at all. They were such a small sect as Tieshumen. It was just a poor and broken settlement. At this time Shen Xiaoshan their hearts are not ashamed, in the past they have a great sense of superiority in front of Li Qiye, in their view Li Qiye is just a mortal, now they understand that the real arrogance is not Li Qiye, but themselves, they can meet Li Qiy, is a great opportunity, can follow him, cosmetic tube ,plastic laminated tube, is already a great gift. When Li Qiye rewarded Shen Xiaoshan very generously, he let the defeated Prince Tianhuang stand there in a daze, and his head was blank. At the time of this gamble, he lost his eyes and gambled heavily. He didn't think much about the consequences at all. In his opinion, if he gambled one more game, he would be able to kill the mortal. He would be able to torture the mortal in front of everyone, so that he could breathe a bad breath and let everyone know what would happen if he was an enemy. Now this game he lost a mess, even the genius of the stone division of Li Xuan is not an opponent, once again lost a complete defeat! In this game, Prince Tianhuang bet all his treasures and money, and even borrowed five million yuan from Shifang. Now he is not only a pauper, but also burdened with huge debts. Although they can afford this debt, but if his father knows, the royal elders know this matter, I am afraid not only his father broke his legs, I am afraid he will be deprived of the qualifications to inherit the throne. Thinking of this, Prince Tianhuang's face suddenly turned red and blue, frightened and angry. What, are you afraid of losing? When Prince Tianhuang was as dull as a wooden chicken, Li Qiye said with a faint smile, "I can understand your fear even if I lose in poverty.". Here, take it, and leave you some money to go back, lest you be too poor to go back to the Phoenix Kingdom. Li Qiye said and grabbed a handful of chaos stones and threw them to Prince Tianhuang. Little beast- "Prince Tianhuang came to his senses and gave a sharp cry. He thought of all kinds of things. At this time, Prince Tianhuang really lost to the eye. He pointed at Li Qiye and shouted:" This, this must be a ghost! " "What ghost is there?" Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him more. He said lazily, "What ghost is there in full view of the public? Even if I pit you, is Li Langxuan will pit you, is the stone square of Qi Lindi's house will pit you? Even if we all cheat you, there are thousands of eyes watching, if there is a ghost, can't anyone see it? At this time a lot of people can not help but look at the day phoenix prince, we all understand, this time the day phoenix prince really lost red eyes, but we can understand, lost tens of millions in one breath, for anyone will be mad, few people can do lost tens of millions of eyelids do not even blink. Watched by so many people, Prince Tianhuang's face was livid, he not only lost everything at this time, he lost to a mortal this time! That's the most humiliating thing about him! "Just say it if you can't afford to lose." Li Qiye said leisurely, "The prince of a country can't even afford to lose ten million yuan. It's too cheap.". If you can't afford to lose, you can't afford to lose. You are a small country, and I can understand that you are so poor. However, the gambler must also have gambling goods, can not afford to lose,metal cosmetic tubes, but also falsely accuse people, such a yakuza gambler, or go back to your mother's arms. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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