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"Wait a minute." Here comes the good cop again. Li Guangju, sitting on one side, turned his eagle-sharp old eyes around the faces of the young couple.

"Wait a minute." Here comes the good cop again. Li Guangju, sitting on one side, turned his eagle-sharp old eyes around the faces of the young couple. Smile a little. Said: "a few adults, I have a word to say.". Although now we are all the people of the Song Dynasty. But the customs and habits on the prairie should be observed. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, don't you think? Z stared at the letter and roared at Tian m. The new one is the fastest and the fastest. "That is.". That is Yang Hao became more and more curious about his origin. Busy nodding way: "I don't know what Mu Lao has to say." "The rules on the prairie," said Li Guangben. The two armies fought and the Victor was captured. It is privately owned. Be a slave or a maidservant. Do as you please. According to the old man, these people are dressed in rags. Weapons are old. It should be some bandits on the prairie. What useful information can we get from them? There is no need to waste time on them. Disposed of them. Take strict precautions against roving bandits. Yang Qinchai, you protect tens of thousands of our soldiers and civilians. Until we get here safely. All the people are grateful for your kindness. But we don't have any gifts for the imperial commissioner. The heart has been very uneasy. The old man saw that although the girl was insolent, her appearance was somewhat pretty, and she was docile after a good training. She was brought back by my servant Munn. Now I will decide to give her to the imperial commissioner, so that she can make the bed for you, serve tea and water, and serve the pillow mat. I hope the imperial commissioner will not refuse. This word, that pair of young men and women face suddenly a change, Yang Hao eyes a flash, already clear the relationship between them. There is no doubt that these two people are a pair of lovers. Yang Hao secretly praised Lao Mu for his vicious eyes. He also cooperated with him, turned his head to look at the girl,akba boswellic acid, although the girl was not afraid of color, so he was staring at, but also can not help showing some timidity. Yang Hao looked at it carefully from head to foot. Hei Hei laughed and said, "Yes.". It's not bad. Dress yourself up and change your clothes. She is also a pretty maidservant. Mu Lao's good intentions, ha ha, Yang Mou was born. Volume III The Beginning of Lotus Seed Chapter 172 Resolve 16K Fiction Network Updated: February 1, 2010 2:20:47 Words in this chapter: 4684 "How dare you!" When the boy heard Yang Hao's words,tannic acid astringent, he flew into a rage and shouted at him, speaking Chinese with perfect pronunciation. Yang Hao smiled and said, "Why don't you dare?"? You are a man on the prairie. Don't you know the rules on the prairie? You are captured by Mu Lao. As his private property, he has the right to transfer you to others. Isn't that what you do on the prairie? Look at you. What kind of life do you live? Not to mention the bitterness, even women have to fight for food. He turned to the girl and said with a smile, "Girl, it's much better to follow this officer to protect your splendor and wealth than to follow this poor boy wandering on the prairie." The girl was ungrateful and snapped, "If you touch my finger, I'll kill you!" Both Chizhong and Ma Zongqiang understood what Li Guangcen meant. Ma Zongqiang immediately said with a smile, "Girl, don't be stubborn. When you become Yang Qincha's woman and are pregnant with his child, if you are still willing to kill him, it's up to you." The girl didn't expect these Han Chinese general so shameless, rosmarinic acid supplement ,jujube seed powder, angry pretty blush, want to curse and don't know how to interface. Chizhong, still looking like a general, coughed solemnly and said in a long voice, "Somebody, send this little girl to Yang Qincha's house. Wash her up and dress herself up. The general will go to the bridal chamber tonight." Song Bingjia and Song Bingyi at the door came over with a smile and dragged the girl away. The boy was in a hurry and shouted, "Chen Mo'er, let her go. You shameless Han people, do whatever you want to do to me." Ma Zongqiang looked up and down at him, shook his head and said, "I'm afraid you can't.." Yang Qinchai may not like it. All the people in the hall could not help laughing. The young man glared at him and shouted in a harsh voice, "Ono Keer is a hero on the prairie. Since he was caught by you, he didn't frown even if he wanted to kill or cut.". But if anyone dares to bully my Chen Mo'er, I will never die with you from now on! Li Guangcen's eyes suddenly brightened, and Muen, who had been standing behind him with an expressionless face, moved slightly. With a smile in Chizhong's eyes, he waved his hand, and the two Song soldiers let go of Chen Mo'er and retreated to the door. Chen Mo'er immediately went to the boy's side and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. Chi Zhong asked, "You just said.." What's your name "Little Ye Keer," the boy said word by word. Li Guangcen said, "Since the Dangxiang people moved eastward at the end of the Sui Dynasty, their languages have become increasingly mixed, and they have mixed the languages of many surrounding tribes.". Han, Turkic, Khitan and so on, the Khitan people have a word "Na Ke'er", which refers to the personal bodyguard of the noble, and the meaning of "Xiao Ye Ke'er" in Dangxiang language is roughly the same, which also refers to warriors and bodyguards. This man should be the personal bodyguard of a certain Lord of the Wild Clan. Hearing this, the boy straightened his chest and said with a proud sneer, "I am not a bodyguard, but a warrior. I am the most heroic warrior of the Ye Li clan. My name is Ono Keer. I am the son of the head of the Ye Li clan." "The son of the head of the wild clan!" Everyone's eyes lit up: "This can catch a big fish, but …" It seems to have caused a lot of trouble. Ye Li Shi is the most ferocious clan in the eight clans of Dangxiang, if not as a last resort, even Xiazhou Tuoba Shi is not willing to provoke them easily, now caught the son of their patriarch, this.. Everyone looked at Chizhong, who was the highest in the army among the people present at the moment. Chi Zhong's face sank slightly. He leaned forward and asked in a deep voice, "Ye Li Shi?"? What are you doing here? With a sneer, Ono Keer asked in reply, "You can lead your troops to attack my clan. Can't we come to your prefecture?" Chizhong's eyes flashed and he asked,jujube seed powder, "So you're going to attack and defend and fight back against the territory of our prefecture?"? Let me ask you, besides you, how many troops are going to attack us? 。 prius-biotech.com

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